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  • Strength Morphling Strength
    19 + 2
  • Agility Morphling Agility
    24 + 3
  • IntelligenceMorphling Intelligence
    17 + 1.5
  • Morphling


Morphling dissolves into his components and surges forward, dealing damage to everything in his wake.

Adaptive Strike

Blasts a target with magical energy, dealing damage and disabling the target based on the Morphling's dominant attribute between Agility and Strength.


The Morphling edits his physical being to fit the circumstances. He can, at will, lose some strength and gain agility, or vice versa. The process is reversible.


The Morphling has the unique ability to replicate any target friendly or enemy hero. Although it only deals 50% damage, the hero can morph into his replication, instantly taking its position.
  • Sentinel
  • 0.5 / 0.5
  • 32-41
  • 0.25 / 0.51
  • 1.36
  • 1.7
  • 285
  • 1300
  • 350
  • 1800 / 800
The Morphling is a dynamic hero, capable of giving or taking massive amounts of damage, at the will of the player. His Waveform allows him to escape or initiate fights with ease, while his Adaptive Strike gives him a versatile, powerful nuke or stun. His Replicate allows him to make a copy of a hero, and to take the place of the copy in an instant. Morphling's greatest strength, however, is his ability to transfer his agility points to strength, and vice-versa, allowing him to take on the role of tank or damagedealer at a moment's notice. The Morphling is a dangerously mobile enemy, who must be treated with caution before he takes you by surprise!
The Morphling, nature's magnum opus, the pinnacle of evolution, can force his liquid body to flow over opponents in a massive wave, forcibly moving himself as well as injuring his enemies. At a whim he may change the composition of his body, trading strength for agility and vice versa. Capable of manipulating his energy into either disable or damage based on his strongest attribute, the Morphling's most disturbing ability creates a literal clone of a chosen target, forcing them to face their own reflection as he crushes them in their confusion.

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