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Stone Giant


  • Strength Tiny Strength
    24 + 3
  • Agility Tiny Agility
    9 + 0.9
  • IntelligenceTiny Intelligence
    14 + 1.6
  • Tiny


Bombards an area with rocks, stunning and damaging enemy land units.


Tiny grabs the nearest unit, friend or foe, and launches it at a location. Upon landing, the unit deals damage in an area. It also receives an extra 20% of the area damage itself, or more as your size increases.

Craggy Exterior

Tiny's body is made of solid granite, causing great pain to those who attack it. Whenever a unit within 300 range attacks Tiny, there is a chance that they will be stunned for 1.2 seconds.


Greatly increases Tiny's power and size, but does so at the cost of his attack speed. Increases Toss's damage, and slightly improves Tiny's movement speed.
  • Sentinel
  • 0.49 / 1
  • 61 - 67
  • 0.001 / 0
  • 0.26
  • 1.7
  • 285
  • Instant
  • 128 (melee)
  • 1800 / 800
Although his name seems fitting at first, over time Tiny the Stone Giant will grow both in size and strength. His immense strength allows him to grab the closest enemy and toss them through the air towards a target unit. Combining this with Tiny's Avalanche spell gives him incredible area of effect damage. However, Tiny is also extremely dangerous in one on one situations. With proper timing Tiny can Toss an enemy who is taking damage from Avalanche, and if the target lands back in the Avalanche they will take double damage. This is often enough to instantly kill more fragile heroes, although tougher heroes should be wary of engaging the Stone Giant as well. Tiny's Craggy Exterior can occasionally stun close range attackers, giving him time to escape or punish them with his crushing blows. If possible, it's best to keep this mobile mountain at arm's length.
Looming from the rocky crags of Ashenra, the stone giants are born from the mountain itself. Tiny, a newly born giant, although small in size, has the strength of a hill. With his supreme strength, he is able to launch anything into the air, including huge amounts of soil to cause avalanches around his enemies. Because of his craggy exterior, enemies have a hard time attacking him. Over time, Tiny's body will grow bigger as the magnetic forces deep inside his granite heart pull rocks and soil to his rugged stone form.

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